The Second Sunday in Earlysville, VA

Slowly getting our new digs set up – what to put where

and what we can get rid of remain unstated questions

Every box we open offers things we’ve been looking for

or surprises – things we’d forgotten were our possessions


The packed TV proves too small for this larger living room

So we buy a newer, bigger one and hook up the Internet

and bam! we’re past camping out in empty white rooms

We eat at a table, sit in real chairs again…ah, the comfort


of our bed so sorely missed. The house feels warmer

And after family arrives and helps us unpack, organize

and celebrate the move we sleep, dream, and rise restful

We begin to make this our home, get back to our doing


Nest, cook, sleep, and wake to more enjoying the view

of the pond in our backyard – the old forest all around us