Surely Good to Simply Sit & Listen

The lovely songs of birds just chatting

—such delight in being. The various leaf

each tree sports, a lovely lace lifted

skyward in today’s gentle breezes


Off in the distance, acres away

the machine noises of man

(human ex machina)


The throated throttle of

single-engine aero plane

a piper cub perhaps

Its novice pilot

clocking hours


The soft cry of something well hid

The near-explosive silence of sunshine

Such pangs of joy

Another time-less moment

caught in blue & green

& all the other colors of so many things

in this world: tree trunk, roof, flowers

& red plastic cup


A melody of insects – just before

the show begins again


Let not the ache in my foot

or the favoring of my right hip

(injured so foolishly a few years ago)

curtail any of this move from mind to heart



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