You Got to Watch Out For

Who is telling you what, and should you believe them

or not (in terms of fact not opinion)


Who attempts to control the language

and therefore one’s freedom of expression


Who said they’d always be yours

but left a long time ago with no good-byes


What the opposition does to secure seats in Congress

and to buy up all the local elections


What the polls say, and what the rest of the Europeans

are doing to deal with the Brexit


What goes on globally

as well as locally


Where the wild animals might be pushing their limits

Where one’s child is…even if one is in paradise

Where the heart actually leads you in this tough life


When the calendar indicates it’s time to pay the rent

or get the healthcare payments in by the first


When to wake, when to eat, when to brush your teeth

When to “drop the dime” and make the call


When it is your turn to scrub the floor

and take out the garbage – yes, your turn!


How to keep loving – even those who hate

How to keep at it despite all else failing

How to keep on staying free


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