Blather of Sorts

This is, by all accounts, a magical story. Great riches and greater horrors occur and reoccur. The teller is privy to the games the mind plays. A favorite song of the teller’s, “You Are My Sunshine,” could be hummed at any point in this story, so hold on: C/C7/G/F!

Also. Don’t forget that whole cultures are in the process of change; it could be difficult to hang on to never mind even find what is useful. The teller tells the warriors “Titan up.” To the Quartermasters the teller reminds, “Don’t ignore the Trojans. Be safe!”

What might have happened beyond the obvious to Malcolm Brighton, Pamela Brown, and Rodney Anderson aboard the “Free Life” on that blue-skied September day in 1970 remains a mystery. Their flight to freedom could be part of this magical story.

Hungry brains like Ginkgo bilboa, Bacopa monnieri, huperzine A, and Phosphatidylserine according to a site on the Internet. As for cholesterol, it is the size and number of the particles that is now seen as important to a proper diagnosis.

Like most magical stories can, this one makes things disappear.


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